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Collins is a rare kind of human being


The kind that grow kind as the world grows harsh.

He is the eldest of 7 children. His father drinks excessive amounts of Changaa (100% alcohol) and is intoxicated 24/7.

Collins has lived his ENTIRE life in an extremely abusive home.


The neighbour recalls Collins being violently thrown out the window as an infant by his father.


Collins has always been his biggest target. There are absolutely no functional resources in rural Kenya for domestic and child abuse.

With an absent father, this has forced Collins to be the man of the house ever since the age of 6.

At the age of 14, he is only in Grade 5. He has only been able to go to school when he does small jobs to get $ to bring to school so that he can write his exams.

Despite his extreme hardships, high absenteeism rates, endless responsibilities and very high amounts of stress, he has his eye on the prize:

EDUCATION and building a BETTER LIFE for him and his siblings.

He is academically gifted and if given the chance to be in a conducive and loving boarding school environment, he won’t recognize the growth in his own life in a few years to come.

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