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meet daniel

He who can touch your soul


Daniel is one of those people who touches one’s soul so deeply.

He has endless potential that has never been tapped into.


He’s loveable, yearning to grow, and searching for a sense of belonging.

He & his family live off of 50 cents a day.

His baby sister has undiagnosed Cerebral Palsy.


In a country with no financial or physical support, his mother’s full time job is his sister.

He is always kicked out of school

and often stays home for weeks or months due to school fees, putting him far behind academically. His parents did not finish elementary school & despite it not being enough, they have been trying their very best to keep their son in school.

His principal and school staff have NOTHING but amazing things to say about Daniel.


How hardworking, generous and genuine he is, but that his life circumstances put him on an unequal playing field.

His eyes tell amazing short stories & we can’t wait to help him write them out and share them with the world.

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