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meet emmanuel

Future DR. Baraka!


Meet Future DR. Emmanuel Baraka! 
Let’s get him to MEDICAL SCHOOL.

There is not A SINGLE DOCTOR from our village. 
Help Emmanuel be the FIRST! 

Can you imagine this reality:

1 doctor per 7,000 people in Kenya. 
That number doubles in rural areas like ours in Western Kenya. 

Emmanuel has been accepted into a 6 year MEDICAL and SURGERY degree at Uzima University in Kisumu, Kenya.

What’s stopping him?



-He’s gone the extra mile. 

-He put in the work and got a small grant from the government. 

-He’s applied for loans. 

-He got a job in a small MPESA shop to start saving pocket  

100% of your donation goes directly to Future DR. Emmanuel and his Medical Degree! (Which he's starting this coming semester!)


How to Donate: 

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