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WHAT Is heshima fc?

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why is heshima fc needed?

The reality in our village is this:

Early childhood education is a luxury.

There are no daycares.

Most parents and guardians did not finish primary school.

Students enroll into grade 1 whenever families can afford it.

When they finally get to school, they have no tools in their toolkit.

There is 1 teacher per 70+ students in 1 classroom!

There are no special education technicians or consultants.

Children with learning disabilities and high academic needs sit at the back of the class.

When school fees run out, they will be the first children of the family to have to drop out.

We’re changing this status quo.


We’re equipping children to re-write the script of their lives.

SUPPORT heshima fc TODAY!


I just learned how to write my name!

Under The Mango Tree Student

Grade 1

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