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This girl is one in a million


She is a STAR & we are in Awe of her ever shining light, inner-strength, humility, gentle heart and level head.

Jackline is a total orphan, and she is a single child from her parents who passed away when she was little.

She also has a guardian angel who is her sister, Wilkister. They have the same father, but different mothers, both of whom have passed away.

Her sister Wilkister was married, until Jackline came to stay with them since she had absolutely nowhere to go.

Her husband REFUSED to allow Jackline to stay with him, or to provide her any support.

He married a 2nd wife and left years ago.

It’s been Wilkister and Jackline against the world ever since.

Jackline, we are absolutely HONOURED to have you join our Heshima Family.


You are a PERFECT fit to build up and grow with this next generation of Heshima kiddos.

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