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You are looking into the eyes of a world changer, right here!


The big screens are SEARCHING for people like Medrick’s story to inspire the world. Let us beat the movie scene and be the first to share it with you.

Medrick and his twin brother were raised by their grandmother until the age of 4 when she passed away. They then went to live with his estranged father who kicked them out. They were homeless and lived in the streets for years. He and his twin developed an unbreakable bond. One morning, he woke up and found his brother dead beside him, because of food they scrummaged from garbage dumps. 

Not a single person even came to bury him.

Medrick then started tracing his family, and found his maternal grandmother’s sister in our village, where he currently resides. However, he is an outcast who sleeps in the outdoor kitchen, while the rest of the family sleep in the house. He is abused by his grandfather who struggles with addiction to Changaa (100% alcohol), has only 1 meal per day if he’s lucky & is often kicked out of school for a lack of school fees.


despite his struggles, he has an 85% average!

The BEST PART: When we asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up,

he said:


I want to be like Fred, to help kids like me and change this place.

Medrick is a GENIUS & we are FLOORED by his perseverance, resilience and LOVE for humanity that has shown him so little of it. We are absolutely HONOURED to have him join our Heshima Family.

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