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meet moses

The Stoic


You know, when you look at someone who is so pensive and quiet, and wish you could get into their head and dive into their thoughts?


That is Moses. 

We met Moses in 2016. He was always helping his mother with house hold chores, taking care of his younger siblings, while trying to fill his absent father’s shoes. All while going to school, which he and his mother very much valued. 

One night, we realized that we had more blankets at our house than we had people living in it, so we went to deliver some to our neighbours. 

Moses is the oldest child, living with his 4 young siblings, led by their single mama who is a warrior woman. When we walked over in the evening, they were getting ready for bed, the younger siblings were nestled on their piece of straw mat on the ground, that Moses gave up to give them. He slept on the ground. Life’s timing is perfect, because they actually had no blankets. 

We also saw Moses’ report card. We paid his outstanding school fee balance. He set a goal for his final exam mark that if he reached, we promised to take him to high school.

To nobody’s surprise (except himself), he reached and surpassed that goal! 

So, here we are! His great academic performance got him called to Lugulu Secondary School, a high performing Provincial Level High School. He is now in his 2nd year of high school, and is a Math Wizard, among other subjects. 

He’s hardworking, very focused, and has unmatched values and integrity to boot. He’s also the most respectful teenage boy we’ve ever come across. We’re very proud to have him as part of our Heshima family. 

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