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my time

It's MY TIME of the month and it's MY TIME to change my life.

WHAT Is the my time program?

MY TIME program provides 340 girls with sanitary pads, health & rights education, and counselling every month. 


This monthly program is lead by 1 nurse and 6 community health workers. The program runs in 3 different locations of our village, on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sunday of the month for 100+ girls each of these Sundays.

why create the
my time program?

Our village was in an evening news clip on Citizen TV titled “Sex for Pads”. The national average of teen pregnancies is 26%. In our county of Busia, that number is 61%; the highest in all of Kenya. 


  • Girls in our village are having sex with Boda Boda (Motorcycle taxi) drivers in exchange for 1 pack of pads

  • Poverty puts Pads far down on the priority list. 

  • Period stigma is paralyzing.

  • Awareness of their female body parts and their functions are absent. 

  • Girls have no ownership over their lives. 

  • Consent and Choice are foreign concepts

  • No pads = Missing 3 months of school per year OR  Dropping out OR Pregnancy OR  Marriage 


** But why not use a Diva Cup or Re-Useable pads? 


Because there is no running water, no proper bathrooms, no electricity, no privacy, often no $ for soap, and stigma. 


We are providing the girls with what they NEED and what actually WORKS in their daily lives. Not what we think they need. 


& it’s working! Since starting this program, not a single girl has fallen pregnant out of her own will or knowledge. 

You can change the world, girl! 
(pssst.  You really can!)

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