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What does it mean?  Why are we the best choice?

we are different than most

•100% of your support goes to the child

For 10 years now (and counting), we have made it a point to not be 'like the rest'.  When we say 100%, we mean it! You're not donating 90% to administration fees - it ALL goes to the child you sponsor.

•We help children HOLISTICALLY

An education can not be complete if separated into parts; we provide the whole kit and caboodle: support, mentorship, leadership skills, discipline, and a sense of community.  When our kids go off on their own into the city to study, they are equipped with the tools they need to succeed in every facet of daily life.


We always have been and intend to stay that way!  Our selection process is thorough; we're moulding the leaders of tomorrow.

•We are INVOLVED in our students lives. 

Respect.  Dignity.  Honour.  Leadership.  Mentorship.  Support.

•We don’t send glossy paper in the mail, but rather keep you updated on the child using free means.
Not a single penny of your donation serves for printing any kind of anything.  

•You can have direct contact with the student should you wish.

We want you to SEE your IMPACT, not just hear about it. We want you and the child you sponsor to connect.


•You see and feel your support.

Facebook, Instagram, e-mails, videos - the possibilities are endless!

your impact

Sponsoring a child looks like this:


You are providing a young one with all of their academic needs, including uniform & shoes, school supplies, field trips, school fees, boarding fees or transport depending on what type of school they will attend.

Schools in Kenya are very different than those abroad. Students get called to schools based on their grades, making some schools much more expensive than others.


This is why the cost varies, but it ranges between 40-80$ per month.


Some people chose to sponsor a child together to share the cost, which is a great sustainable idea as well.

In this amount, it also includes individual and group counselling sessions by our outstanding Heshima counsellor, Mr.Shiro.

Our expectations of our children are very simple:


Do your personal best & be an amazing human being. As long as they hold up their end of the bargain, we support their education all the way to Trade School, College, or University!

empowerment through education kenya i am

so, What says you?

Now, the choice is yours!  Why?  More like WHY NOT!

Be the change you want to see in the world and help mould the leaders of tomorrow!

Fred & Lex are my inspiration.


I want to revive hope to individuals who have lost it and make them optimistic, regardless of the problems they encounter daily.

Honesty & accuracy are the best policies.



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