sponsor a child 





FROM 1$ TO 500$




it takes balls.


One student.  One athlete.  one girl.  one boy.


Have you always wanted to create direct impact but never knew which organization to trust? Well you came to the right spot! I am Heshima delivers every dollar of your sponsorship directly to where it should go – to the kids.


Sponsor a child or a program today and see your impact in action through pictures, videos, letters, and even facetime/ videocalls if you wish!


Write to us to get started.


got time? Are you a Translator?  Public speaker?  Influencer?  Teacher? Graphic designer? Photographer? 




Join the Heshima family by sharing your time TIME or your SKILLS with us!


Do you want to lend a hand at one or many of our creative events? No idea is a bad one; no contribution is a small one.  If you don't ask you'll never know just how much you can help!


Sign up here to volunteer!


soccer balls.

Soccer.  It's more than a sport; it's a way of life. Here are two ways you can help kick life into gear!

• Are you a soccer club or an individual with some lightly used soccer equipment? Write to us if you would like to give it a second life!

• We.  Love.  This: You can order a soccer ball yourself online, from anywhere in the world, to be delivered near our community and picked up by our staff!

What’s even better? This is a win-win! Supporting Heshima FC & Alive and Kicking! Talk about more bang for your buck! Click here, follow the steps and let's get the ball rolling!

• Of course, you can also donate now and we'll take care of the rest!

change for change


got some?

Collecting change to create change! Start a jar. Whether it be the change from your morning coffee, from your pocket, a swear jar, or that mysterious pile of coins that accumulates in the washing machine - every nickel dropped into our collection jar (which is quite stylish, may we add), counts! 


You can:

  • Deposit directly to I Am Heshima's account at any Caisse Populaire (for residents of Quebec) with the following branch and folio numbers:  30368 - 05710074

  • Send us an e-mail money transfer! -> don't forget to e-mail us the question & answer!

  • Paypal


final (2).png

After your first 25$ donation, we will send you our custom I Am Heshima change jar sticker for your favorite collection jar, that you can leave at work by the dispensing machines that seem to only spew coins out, during your Tuesday night bowling meet, perhaps a family goal jar, or our favorite: the infamous swear jar.

Who ever thought cussing could pay for tuition?!

we cans & bottles


putting your empties to good use!


Collect 'em at work.  Collect 'em at school.  Get the local restaurants to join in;

everybody has empties and we want 'em all!


Live near Hemmingford, click here and let us know where we can pick them up!  




If you live anywhere else in the world, you can do a can and bottle drive


and would like to deposit the payout directly to us, you can do so via:


  • Paypal

  • E-mail money transfer! -> don't forget to e-mail us the question & answer!

  • Deposit directly to I Am Heshima's account at any Caisse Populaire (for residents of Quebec) with the following branch and folio numbers: 30368-05710074

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host for heshima


Are you the organizer in your circle of friends?

A bowl-o-thon.  A barbecue.  A garage sale.  Wine and cheese.  Marathon.  The sky's the limit!


Have an idea for an event?  Know how to host?  Then host an event for I Am Heshima!  Write to us, and we'll help launch the Fb event from our page with YOU as the host! 


If you need help along the way, our artistic director will lend a hand! Whether it's to create content for the event page, official flyers, gifs or pictures, official invitations, she'll donate her time with you along the way!  

When we give


and accept


everyone is


- Maya Angelou