Academic Scholarships
No Child Left Behind

We provide full academic scholarships to children and youth who are living in society's corners and denied their right to education. Abject poverty, Abuse, Neglect, Orphan, Homeless, Disability, Different, Sick, Burdened - are all reasons why Heshima students have been shunned. But, make no mistake, these are the world's most resilient children.


We are putting pencils into their hands, so they can re-write their story and map out their own future.


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Because Every Girl Is Worth It.  Period! 

A program designed by girls for girls addressing the elephant in the room: their periods. In our village, the time of the month literally puts girls future at risk. Girls are forced to have sex with motorcycle taxi drivers in exchange for pads. Their vulnerability leads to the highest levels of teenage pregnancy, early marriage school absenteeism and drop-out rates in the country. 


WE ARE CHANGING THIS! Led by nurses and community health workers, we provide 300 girls with sanitary pads and underwear monthly. We are discussing issues affecting their daily lives as girls and are being taught their rights for the first time. Every girl is worth it, PERIOD!


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Where Young Minds Ripen

This is a revolutionary program being one of the first of its kind in our region - focused on individualized education plans. Every week, outside of school hours, we offer a low teacher-student ratio, an open classroom concept, and cater to individual students needs.


We're bridging the gap and providing 80 struggling students with the extra support, tools, and confidence they need to excel academically & reach their goals!

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HESHIMA Football Club
Kickin' Life Into Gear

Youth in our community eat, sleep, and breathe football (soccer)! We use soccer as a tool to re-direct youth who are falling through the education system and into the hands of idleness, crime, and addiction.


Led by 3 coaches and counselors, 150 players play the sport they love and apply its principles of discipline, commitment, and teamwork to their every day lives. Since joining HESHIMA FC, all of our players are excelling in committing to achieving their personal best academically and socially.   

Paying It Forward

This is how students PAY for their Education:

By paying it forward. Why? Because no matter how poor the world defines you, we believe that everyone has something to contribute to it.


Heshima students who were once seen as a community burden, are becoming its leaders. Our students are fighting for the rights of elderly people while caring for them and providing for their basic needs. They are delivering and sharing a meal with community members living in isolation. They are taking care of sick children and advocating for people with disabilities. This program exercises humility and develops a happy community; both invaluable life lessons never found in a textbook.   

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It is not what we do for our children,

but what we have taught them to do for themselves,

that will make them

successful human beings.

-Ann Landers