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meet tediu

A.K.A. The Miracle Child


Tediu was born weighing 1.5kg.

His grandmother has raised him since birth. Not having enough $ to stay in NICU, she took him home and

created her own incubator and kept him alive.

14 years later, Tediu is a healthy boy with an incredibly bright future ahead of him.

His grandmother has the purest heart and is his rock.


Her only job has been small scale farming; planting, weeding and digging for other people. Now having arthritis and also having to take care of Tediu’s mother who has been extremely ill for 2 decades, times are extremely tough.

Anecdote: Current Heshima student Collins used to hustle to feed himself and his siblings as a total orphan living alone when his parents died.


Tediu’s grandma, a distant neighbour, used to rescue him from abuse and share the little food she had with him and his family.

Tediu inherited his grandmother’s goodness, ingenuity & strength.


He is a wonderful human being whom once supported, can break through all obstacles that obscure his bigger picture.

We would love nothing more than help Tediu power through every barrier that has ever stood in his way.

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